December 6, 2018 | 6-Digit Lotto Result Today 9PM

Get 6-Digit (6D) Luzon Lotto Result Today 9PM draw on December 6, 2018. See PCSO 6D Luzon today lottery result draw at 09:00PM.

PCSO 6D Today Lotto Result

Winning Numbers:  6-2-8-5-4-1

Get the lucky number hearing and tips for the 6 Digit Lotto. 6D lotto draws on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 09:00PM local Time. Entertain to see the lucky number result of the 6-Digit Lotto draw. Here the big competition, where the Philippines are waiting for the lucky number for the 6D today’s game.

Here you get the latest 6 Digit Lotto result. Here you get the Swertres Results and the Tips for the EZ2 result. Here we are updating all the lotto results for the Lotto fans. Get the newest and the latest update of the Lotto result of the 2018.

New PCSO 6-Digit (6D) Lotto Prizes Update

The minimum guaranteed amount prize money for the winner is P 150,000, who have the exact 6D lotto number.

  • 2nd Prize (First 5 or last 5 digits): Php 40,000.00
  • 3rd Prize (First 4 or last 4 digits): Php 4,000.00
  • 4th Prize (First 3 or last 3 digits): Php 300.00
  • 5th Prize (First 2 or last 2 digits): Php 40.00

To win the Jackpot you need to have the exact winning order.

6D Winning Procedure & Hearing

6-Digit Lotto works like the 4-Digit Lotto Game, but they have the 6 Chambered Mega Gem to get the final result. To win the prize money of 6D, you need to have the first three or last three digits to claim the prize money.

To win the Jackpot the winner is increased in 1 in 1,000,000.

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