EZ2 9PM Lotto Result Today | 30-7-2017


Get EZ2 9PM Lotto Result Today draw on 3-7-2017. See the winning no result for today and the lucky digit detail. Here you get the lucky number details and the lucky person who claim today prize money.

Here you get all three times result of the EZ2 Lotto. EZ2 uses two chambered Mega Gems and each having a lot of 1 to 31. It’s also a chance of same number appearing twice in the result of the drawing.

To win a Jackpot you must have two numbers of an exact order that appear in the chamber after the Mega Gem result.

Range of Exact Order for Swertres EZ2 Lotto Result

The range of exact order is between 1 in 961. The odds in LLAVE (Rambol) order are in 1 in 465. Here below you find the complete result of EZ2 Lotto all three times that held daily from Monday to Sunday.

EZ2 Lotto has the balls of the same color and each set may different color like the Super Lotto 6/49.


In Ez2 and digit lottery games each number is drawn from its own chamber. Once the first number is drawn, it’s locked in its place by slats place over it. Once the necessary number of balls has been picked, the EZ2 mega gem is turned off to show the final result to the audience.

In EZ2 the balls are in the single chamber and they are manually set to show the accurate result. All the setting of balls is done in front of the Camera and the audience for the fair result.

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