Grand Lotto 6/55 Swertres Result – December 1, 2018

See Grand Lotto 6/55 PCSO Results (Saturday) draw on December 1, 2018. Get the 09:00PM Grand Lotto Result draw Today. See 6/55 Lotto Result History, PCSO 6/55 Result on each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

PCSO 6/55 Grand Lotto Result Today

Winning Numbers:     46-54-36-08-30-44

Swertres Result Today

Here the latest update of the PCSO Grand Lotto 6/55 Hearing and the latest update from the PCSO.

Here you find the latest 6/55 Lotto Result with the live update from the PCSO official office. Here the mega prize money of P134,154,092 of grand lotto 6/55 having the exact number of the lottery which draw today.

 Here you get the latest Grand lotto 6/55 Lotto Result draw on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 09:00PM Philippine time. The draw mechanics of the Grand Lotto is same as the Super Lotto, Mega Lotto and 6/42. Grand Lotto 6/55 uses the larger of the two chambers of Power lotto Gem. The minimum prize money is P30, 000,000 and it also had the power Lotto’s of 108,000,000 Pesos on its first draw. It produces the largest Jackpot of US$16,721,406 by a single better from Luzon on Non 2010.

Grand Lotto 6/55 Consolation Prizes

Ranging up P200,000 for correct 5 numbers after the lotto draw, while ranging up to P300 for 4 and P20 only for the 3. The mega Jackpot is P741,176,323 having the same 6 digits of the PCSO Lotto Draw.

Note: always check the PCSO payout chart before claiming your prize money of the Lottery. The actual prize money of the Lotto changes and depends on the number of winners after the Lotto. The winning money prize money is equally divided into the number of the players who won the lottery.

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