Spanish Christmas Lottery Christmas 2017

One of the famous lottery in the World. Check the latest news for the Spanish Christmas Lottery Christmas 2017. The Loterías y Apuestas del Estado is the second longest continuously lottery in the world.

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is considered the biggest lottery Worldwide. In 2015, 18M tickets were printed of Euro200 to sell. The maximum prize money total amount for all the prizes would be Euro2.52 Bullions and its just the 70% ticket sales. The jackpot would be 720 Euro Million.

Spanish Christmas Lottery Ticket Numbers and Pries

Since 2011, the Lottery is based on Billetes, which have the five digit numbers, from 00000-99999. Since the system generates the 100,000 unique ticket numbers and each ticket number is printed several times and that’s the reason so called Series.

All, the lottery numbers printed in series “XXX” in giving year. Lets take an example, in 2015, there are 180 series of 1M ticket for a total of 18M tickets available at 200 euro. If all the tickets were sold than the 70% of tickets available for prizes.

All the tickets of Euro 200 price may be prohibitive for the junk purchase, each of the printed ticket is actually tear-apart sheet of 10 identical sub-tickets, which is available of 20 euro each.

Spanish Lottery Christmas Prize Money 2017

All the tickets for the Lottery are available for 200 euros. We will update all the latest information after the prints start of the lottery.

Updated: November 4, 2017 — 8:09 am

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